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Dog owner survival guide to fireworks and thunderstorms

When fireworks are on, or thunderstorms happen, most dogs will run and hide. In fact, many dogs escape their yard during these events. It can be frustrating and stressful for dog owners, so we have some tips to help.

1. Tire your dog out

Take your dog for a nice long walk to get them to feel sleepy and tired before the storms or fireworks start.

2. Help them relax

A long-lasting chew or stuffed food toy is a wonderful distraction from loud bangs or weird noises. Using a pheromone -based collar or a plug-in diffuser can also help your dog find their Zen.

3. Make a Den

Create a covered safe place for your dog to retreat to, wherever they feel safest – even under your bed. Closing curtains and playing some music indoors will muffle the noise as well.

4. Comfort, don’t coddle

If you show your dog you are worried about them, your dog will feed off your energy and get worse. You can comfort your dog with affection and voice, without joining them in their anxiety by cuddling. Tell them you’re fine by smiling and relaxing with them.

5. Prep your pup

Get puppies used to loud noises as early as possible. A “socialization soundtrack” with noises including thunderstorms can be paired with treats or an exciting toy to help your dog associate strange noises with happiness.

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